How Voice over internet protocol Works?

voice over internet protocol

Voice over internet protocol goes under many names

It hosted telephony cloud telephony or simply VoIP for short whatever you call it. VoIP is the technology that carries voice traffic over the Internet all that’s required for you or your business to start using VoIP is an internet connection. A VoIP service provider and an IP enabled telephone plugging your IP telephone into your internet connection enables it to connect securely to your VoIP provider service. Once connected you can pick up the receiver

Voice over internet protocol
Voice over internet protocol

and dial anywhere in the world it really is that easy your voice is converted to digital data and sent over the Internet to the recipient in real time the recipient doesn’t even need to use VoIP for a successful call using VoIP.

How does voip work diagram

It can open up a world of benefits for you or your business eliminating expensive PBX equipment adding and removing users with superfast deployment utilizing professional features like IVR menus and time based call routing all free of charge and most importantly being in control of a telephony system that fits your needs for more information contact VoIP experts pack net on one six one six six zero two three five Oh or by email void at pack – net dot code


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