How to become a VoIP service provider

How to become a VoIP service provider
How to become a VoIP service provider

How to start your own VoIP Business

Many small companies would like to start offering VoIP services to their customers and here I’m talking about the Kino being a VoIP provider not like you know installing PBX is and other VoIP or sip phones at your clients so that you know how to become a SIP trunking provider that phone number provider the service provider for your client.

PSTN line system

I would like to give a quick idea our you know a quick presentation about VoIP system components what’s the void system how you know did we get the calls how do we send the calls out basically down like you know I’m trying here like you know to simplifies everything so the first important component is the voice silver switch or you know the switch which is now these days it used to be in the PSTN line system like in a huge switch where all the lines come in the lines coming out all that stuff . Now we’re talking about the soft switch or software running on a server that server may be hosted at Idea Center you know if you want like you not to go with a hosted solution your provider will host that for you but this is basically how you handle the calls.

That plans where you send the calls how much you charge for the calls all that stuff I’m not going to get into details about that but this is basically the call of providing VoIP service now you need a termination provider or providers like you know these are the providers that will provide you with numbers the ID numbers and they will terminate the calls to your switch that means that say I work with termination provider a I get like you know all my Canadian number from this provider so when I call come in to this number this termination provider will send it to the the address of my switch and from there I handled the call what do I want to do with that call to which client I wanna send it all that stuff you can have more than one termination provider like for example you can have one termination provider in Canada one in the US one for international numbers if you like and then you know you need also an origination provider the origination provider is somebody a vendor that will that you will use to send the calls out.

One of your clients want to call a New York number so you decide how do I want to send this code which origination provider should I use and from there like you know and your switch you decide you want you know you decide how much you are you’re going to charge the customer there are also many things that you can do like you know you can choose okay I want to go with the cheapest route where I pay less all that stuff so basically this is how in general like the void system works now in order to car to become a new envoy provider there are many ways to do I like to summarize them in three different options the first option is private label solution that means you go to a company that is already established they have their own their own servers the origination and termination and you kind of like Whitely about their solution.

VoIP Hosted Solution

How to become a VoIP service provider

The second one is the hosted solution where you go also to accompany the host your softswitch and you give them they give you full access and then from there you can customize your softswitch and maybe in some cases they you know you choose your own providers most of the cases you choose your own termination and origination providers a third option is to get your own soft switch like fibre software get a place where you want to host your server right a datacenter and let’s go in details about that the first one is private label private label that means as I said like a company is already established they have their own providers they have their own plans they can sell you plans or they can sell you minutes then you resell them to your customers.

Good thing about this is you don’t need any capital to start you’re not going to pay for us for a soft switch that I could to buy the software nor you need to buy a hardware or a server or even hosted everything is ready for you it just private or what they call white labeling let’s have a look at an example here at lucid phone we do provide like you know this service so actually you can become your own voyda within 30 minutes you don’t have to pay any monthly fees you don’t have no commitments you can you know move away anytime you want you pay what you use and so in this case we charge like in a per minute so whatever minutes you use we charge you for that then you create your own plan to charge your customers the quality is very high which are two dollars only for the DI dealer canadian their ID and three dollars for gyus eight your IDs as i said like you know you can design your own plans without like you know what i offer unlimited canada plan.

For example you know you estimate how many minutes the customer will use you mark up or you know what you pay and create an unlimited plan the good thing about this also you can customize your own web access to your customer so you give your customer like you know URL with your name they log in they see all the core their calls they see their charges they can do an online payment so you don’t have to worry about like you know following up with customers ask them to pay you can choose to have a prepaid service for your client that means they have to worry about refill their accounts online and you know also like you know lucid form provides also hardware needed for your clients like IP phones 80 years and IP PBX.

Host your own switch

How to become a VoIP service provider

Let’s go back and continue here about price today I think I think with Alex lie it’s an easy thing many companies are offering that now so that leads us to the second option which is the hosted solution easy and fast to start not as faster or easier as the privately bidding cause now you have to worry about going and like you’re not picking most of the times you have to go find your own providers for a journey origination and termination and negotiate a contract with them how much they can charge you for tid is how much per outgoing a minute sometimes some company charge for incoming minutes there are so many ways of like how providers will charge you so you have to go do your own homework and find your own providers.

Sometimes the company that hosts your solution also they recommend some providers to you that they know they’re 100% compatible with their solution of course also you can create your own plans the good thing about this is it’s very scalable that means you can go get a hosted solution it’s a 402 concurrent calls that means your clients can send and receive at any time hundred calls I mean when your business grow and that you know you want to go and have excuse me more than hundred containment calls you can’t just contact your hosted solution provider and ask to increase that number so it’s very scalable and as I said it’s easy to implement.

The third solution will be to host your own solution so you have to have your own so you have to go by a server very good server usually you have to consult with your software providers which will you go and buy or rent the software and you also by the way you can rent the hardware so there are many possibilities there but actually you have to worry about the hardware you have to worry about the software and of course again you have to worry about getting your termination and origination providers the people who will buy the numbers from and the people that you would use for outgoing calls now here you have to be really prepared to do your own maintenance like you know for example backup and also you have to be responsible for monitoring the uptime like and you want to make sure that your server is not down and most of the cases you need to have a backup server we need to discuss like you know with your software provider like you know solutions for clustering for you know how do you wish you make sure that your clients are connected all the time .

It’s like more work but the good thing is here like you know for the long run you know you make more money you have more options and then if you go with the solution actually you can offer other companies the other tool solution which are the hosted solution and the private labeling solution.


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