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Today we are going to answer the question, is VoIP reliable for business? we get this question quite a bit because a lot of companies currently have an on-premise phone system and they’re looking at hosted voice so if you have that question you’re not alone I’m gonna address it really fast now a while back maybe 10 years ago the answer to that question would have been shaky.

The technology was fairly new it was just coming out there was a lot of little glitches with it but today that technology is absolutely improved and absolutely it is reliable for business I think the projections are like something like 250 some billion users for business VoIP by 2020 so companies are moving to this technology in droves it’s definitely reliable for business and if you’re still concerned there’s a few things you can do number one you can make sure that you use a reliable provider don’t go and use the mom-and-pop company down the street who is running hosted VoIP out of their office their own little homegrown version of it use a larger reliable provider that’ll give you a good chance of success number two make sure you have adequate bandwidth which doesn’t require a whole lot.


VoIP only takes about a maximum of about a hundred caper simultaneous call so you should be fine on bandwidth if you’re really concerned about balance maybe other applications competing with your VoIP calls go and invest in an SD LAN service that will prioritize VoIP or the overall the other traffic it’s fairly inexpensive and lastly if you really want to make sure that VoIP is great for your business to make sure that your land is in order your local area network make sure all your switches are not end-of-life and make sure they’re running the latest firmware and make sure your Ethernet cables are sound pretty basic stuff if you’re still worried about your LAN environment don’t worry most hosted VoIP providers when you go to sign up with them they actually do a VoIP readiness test on your local area network to make sure it works.

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These providers have been there done that they’ve installed VoIP on networks that are shoddy and gotten blamed for problems so they want to make sure your networks gonna be working well so when they install everything works great so that probably be taken care of by the service provider as the good news okay so it’s definitely reliable definitely in my mind it’s actually more reliable than what you have today so for instance if you have a t1 line going in your phone system today like a PRI or something think about that if that t1 liner PRI goes down your without service in fact one of our customers just lost their PRI was down for five days so for five days they had no phone system for their entire organization that is unbelievably bad in these days and times with VoIP with void think about this if your internet connection does go down with VoIP most VoIP providers allow you to have a mobile app on your cell phone .

Basically your phone system so your cell phone is still receiving your companies calls even if your internet connections down if your internet connection does go down you can always have a backup that will automatically failover to that backup connection you can’t do that with a PRI t1 that with a PRI t1 or analog lines and most we can do is failover to maybe one or two extra lines or something like that but you can fail it over automatically also you can pick up your VoIP phone and take it home with you and plug it into any internet connection and make it work you can also have a soft phone which is a software app on any computer that is in essence your VoIP phone so if you have a soft phone on your laptop you can take your laptop home plug in and your VoIP works fine also you can log in to your VoIP portal from any computer with any internet connection and reroute phone numbers instantaneously to either a cell phone or another site


The hosted VoIP in my mind is by far way more reliable than traditional phone service so to answer your question is VoIP reliable for business yes absolutely if your business does not have VoIP and you’re on a traditional phone system absolutely looking into making the switch and is it VoIP expensive absolutely not it’s probably if you find the right service provider it’s probably gonna cost you about the same amount is you’re currently paying today just for your phone lines so think about that for the same price you’re paying today for your phone lines you’re gonna get a whole new managed VoIP phone system that has all the bells and whistles no more paying a phone vendor no more paying for phone lines unlimited usage all that great stuff for the same price you’re already paying.

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So there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be switching over to this technology if you haven’t done it look into it right now if you want to know which providers you should look at and what the pricing is reach out and give us a call or email me I’m happy to answer any questions you have also if you just want to browse providers based on features you can always go to our website Erika mink command find our hosted VoIP provider finder by just typing in the words hosted VoIP into the search bar so plenty of resources here for you but hope that answers all your questions.


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